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Amy Dolbin in Enola PA says:

It's so sexy to see a man work with his hands,you got me so hot, it's Amy, Denise Kidds, best friend, Dino take it easy see you soon at shellsville

patch in derry nh says:

100 rev tech is a smooth running[new model]engine.mirrors are clear at all rev's.6 speed tranny is breaking in.its in a jammer pimp daddy roller.[rigid]battery is a problem,may need compression releases.loses cranking power as the day goes on.bdl belt drive is working fine.getting used to beach bars,all other rides had apes.

Dino in Cyberspace says:

Jen, we are still willing to help out with that. I do not have your e-mail.

jen in Cyberspace says:

Dino, My email is:
thank you

Jen, Muir Fire Company in Cyberspace says:

Are you still interested in helping me for our poker run? It is June 27th this year. Please email me. I would like you to do the games.

Dino in Motorcycle City says:

Jason, it would be easier if you left me your e-mail address.
or call us with more info.

Jason in Hanover says:

Would you be interested in participating in the 4th annual Carroll County Bike Fest in Westminster, MD? It is a 2 day indoor event with 3 bands, motorcycles, vendors and other entertainment. Coors Light and Twisted Teas are sponsoring it this year. Please email me for information.

Tom in Yukon Pa says:

Just a hello from Bob at the steelers games.

curious racer in down town says:

so whats up with the racing? is it gonna happen?

patch in derry nh.might be the north pole,its fuckin 5 degrees up here. says:

i notice you use rev tech motors in your do you feel about the reliability of the 100.the new one of course.just down your way cycle stop norristown.

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