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Monty in Fort Campbell, KY says:

I just ran across an awesome vest. It says Sinister Customs M.C.C." Founding Member 23 Mar 2007 Any relationship to this site or//// all facts or even guesses are welcome.

Corrupted in Harrisburg says:

Thanks a lot Dino for the awsome info today at the shop. Deffinitley gonna go with a candy ass FU with a 250 when I get the loan. Can't wait to rip around next spring!!!

Dino in Cyberspace says:

Jeremy, you probably met me through Jason.
The best answer I can give you about inspection stuff is to tell you that its better to see it in person. feel free to give us a call and we can talk.

shelby in pa says:

hey dino i just wanted to say hey and to let you know your video is almost done and ready and when it is im going to let u see it. by the way I LOVE YOUR BIKES!!!! lol ill stop in sometime with mom when we get the chance. cya

Jeremy Weyant in Harrisburg says:

Hey dino, not sure but i know you from some where, may know my brother David weyant or his buddy Jason Bosdorf. Anyways i got a xs650 bobber i just built. What are your requirements for an inspection ( i got the bare setup) Thanks a lot

Amy in Enola pa says:

It's all good ,i am a freak,so it's fine & when i get that pic of you back i'll mail it to the shop or drop it off, well since i freak you out i'll just mail it,be good,oxoxox Amy

Amy in Enola,PA says:

one more thing,i like the Godess,if i come into money i let you know,oxox Amy-Freak

Dino in Motorcycle Station says:

Hey soldier dude, its always great to hear from ya.
Amy, you freak me out.
Everyone keep checking in, we have some really cool stuff happening this year. As soon as its concrete we will get dates up.

Dino in right here says:

Amy, you freak me out...

Justin Graff in Grayson, KY says:

Hey man, just droppin a line from down here in good old Kentucky.
Hope everythings going well for the shop, and everything else you got your hands into.

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