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Dino in Right Here says:

Lots of First Sunday rides coming up. The Hill climbs are right around the corner as well.

Bach in Muir PA says:

Hey Guys! Thanks once again for coming to our poker run. the games were great

Scott Howard in Harrisburg says:

Wanted to see if you would like to promote your business with billboards in the area? Thanks and let me know.

Dino in Motorcycle Central says:

Some of you have been checking into the Facebook page. Thats cool and it works for keeping in touch. So if you need to see something or pass a more personal note, try it. Sinister Custom Cycles.

Dino in Right Here says:

I don't know who they are, someone else sent a question about them also. Thanks for checking in.

Dwayne Woods;ridewitme in Huntington WV says:

Purchased a vest tagged "Sinister Customs mcc" Fort Campbell Ky.from ebay,Apearantly was the treasurers vest aka Killer. Looking for some info & really curious as to why it was on ebay??

Army Dude in Grayson, KY says:

Hey Dino, just doin a shout out, still think the forum would look better if you took Tylers pic off. HAHA. Hope this year goes good for you buddy, wasn't sure if you were heading to Laconia this year, I was looking to do one main event this year. Talk to you Later, Man.

Dino in Right Here says:

Hey Nic, Thanks for checking in, I would like to discuss some of your upcoming ideas but I don't have your e-mail. You can reach me at anytime.

Nic Light in Iraq, then lebanon says:

hey guys, i have an 01 dyna wide glide. looking for some info and possibly getting a couple of things done before next spring. I would appreciate it if someone could shoot me an email and discuss some ideas, prices, etc. thanks. Nic

Dino in right here says:

Hey Monty, thanks for checking in. I have no idea who they are or what their about. Hope everythings good for you.

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