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jason in arizona says:

I've just purchased a used motorized bike with a Grubee Skyhawk, 4G (belt)... Would you be able to provide an Owner/User manual (not installation)...I've looked everywhere with no success... If not, could you provide some kind of detailed description of routine maintenance...***Help!*** BTW, I've read that the centrifugal clutch engages @ 3,000 rpm...Why so high? I would estimate my minimum speed under power is 10 mph...Yet I see 2 stoke bikes going much slower... I'm brand new at this whole thing...So any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated... Regards, Jason P.S. Great video on the 4 stroke vs 2 stroke...

richard in York, pa says:

I have an 81 Kawasaki 750 Ltd. I would like to get a bigger tank for it. Would be able to get one or make one to fit it. What kind of price would we be looking at to have that done. Thanks.

Dave in Hbg. says:

My bike was in Stoney Creek Cycles sick at the begining of last season. She ain't sick no more. Outstanding price for parts and service. You and your guys went above and beyond the call of duty.I'm very glad I was referred to you and now I'm just waiting for this damn weather to go away. My bike is comin for a check up as I know who to trust with her. Thanks

Shawn in Salsibury, MD says:

Is anyone or does anyone know anyone that would be interested in the following: S&S 107 Evo motor. It needs top end gaskets and if you are going to do that might as well put rings in. There is also a 103 RevTech Evo that needs rocker boxes, pistons and rings. There are also S&S cylinders and many other parts. I'm in central Pa every 2 weeks

Scott W. Thomas in Camp Hill, PA says:

I am the organizer for the upcoming Derby Ink Poker Run being held this Saturday, April 20th. Registration begins at 8:00 AM at the PA Farm Show Expo Center in Harrisburg. All proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Would you be interested in printing out the event flyer and posting in your shop for your customers and helping us to get the word out? The event flyer is available at: You can also get additional details at or follow us on Facebook at Thank you for your consideration. Scott W. Thomas

Willi in switzerland says:

Hi Dino, yesterday I bought a 49PanShovel on ebay. It's the same adress: 1864 Route 22-322 Dauphin , PA 17018. Is it from your shop ?

Dino in Dauphin says:

For those of you who have been sending their condolences for Fish's memorial, we are asking that all donations be sent to the Humane Society.

Dino in right here says:

Yes Mike, we can handle doing your tank mods.

tim smero in Baltimore, MD says:

Got the 76 superglide all ready to go, thanks for good deal and delivery. you wouldn't recognize it now

Mike Szampruch in New Cumberland says:

Do you all do tank smoothing. Got a tank that needs a pop up bung welded in and smoothed. If so what do you charge.

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