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Dave in Bethlehem, PA says:

Got a 95 Softail Chopper with 110 CU EVO in it. Inspected, runs good. Can email or text pictures. Lots of high end parts on this bike. Need $4000

aric in mifflinburg says:

I have a paul yaffe rigid im building and am thinking of selling its painted and i have 95% of it. wondered if youd be interested in purchasing it? paul yaffe rigid lots of chrome with new 100 inch revtech and six speed trans like i said all new mostly assembled needs clutch and final assy. if interested i can send pics thanks and im from mifflinburg so not to far. thanks again

Milt in Germantown OH says:

To 'Jason in Arizona' - it sounds like a jakebike. Check out

Lary Mayotte in St. Petersburg, Florida says:

Just a word and a document to carry for every TRAVELER by any mode of movement from place to place You don't need a driver's license or registration to "TRAVEL" see this PDF FILE and print it out and carry it with you when you ride!

Austin morone in Orange County so-cal says:

Hey guys I'm having trouble trying to find a 2 or preferably 2.5 "gallon" not liters gas tank for my Bike. I've found some but I haven't found anything reasonably priced everything is around $300 dollars and I was hoping to spend maybe $50 at the most. If you know of a good priced website id love to know about it and I also can't find a boost bottle for a 49cc 4 stroke Skyhawk 4g that's in stock so if you could help me find these parts I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Dino in Right Here says:

hey guys, If you would get in touch with us, we can help with getting you back in the wind. Give us a call and lets get it done!

Gene in Iowa says:

I have lost the use of my right hand and need to get e left throttle set up for my 2003 Boss Hoss Trike can you help ?

Matthew Anderson in United States says:

Hi guy's I am missing my right hand, and after riding bikes with tape on the throtttle and getting hurt. I think its time to get a left hand throttle, would you be able to make something like that for a kx 250?

Dino in Right here! says:

Richard, that tank is not a problem. Unfortunately there is no way I can give a price until we get into it.. Personally..sell that bike and talk to us about a payment plan on a sportster.

jason in arizona says:

I've just purchased a used motorized bike with a Grubee Skyhawk, 4G (belt)... Would you be able to provide an Owner/User manual (not installation)...I've looked everywhere with no success... If not, could you provide some kind of detailed description of routine maintenance...***Help!*** BTW, I've read that the centrifugal clutch engages @ 3,000 rpm...Why so high? I would estimate my minimum speed under power is 10 mph...Yet I see 2 stoke bikes going much slower... I'm brand new at this whole thing...So any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated... Regards, Jason P.S. Great video on the 4 stroke vs 2 stroke...

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