The Shop

Sinister Customs begins in 1990 as "Kay's Kustoms". An understated bike shop in Hershey, Pennsylvania, our business grew until the winter of 1992 when the roof and back wall of the shop collapsed under weight of snow. Once the weather cleared, business moved to the home of Sinister Customs proprietor; Dino. This would not long be the place of business however, for the business was growing. Sinister Customs soon moved to its present location at the foot of Blue Mountain along US Route 22/322.


The owner and founder of Sinister Customs, Dino, is a home grown motorcycle prodigy. Dino was raised in South Central Pennsylvania; tinkering with motorcycles since before the age of 14, it was perhaps only natural that he would go on to found his own bike shop. When asked why he chose to get started in the chopper business he candidly replied that he usually gives some BS answer to make the question just go away like: "to impress hot chicks" but his real reason is only too apparent after you meet Dino, he is in the business because he loves building bikes.