Charcoal bike:Care for a ride?
Care for a Ride?

Sinister Custom Cycles is Harrisburg's custom motorcycle builder. Whether you want a truly sinister scratch built custom cycle or just want to trick out your stock Harley-Davidson, Sinister Customs is the choice for you. Located twenty minutes ride north of Harrisburg just off US 22/322 at the Mountain Rd. exit, we have been building bikes for 14 years. The Sinister Crew, in addition to being world class hellions, are top notch mechanics able to turn your dream into reality. Take a look at our products guide for a few examples of what we have done for our clients.

Pride and dedication are the marks of a great cycle shop. There is a common misconception that everyone has skeletons in their closet, well we have motorcycle frames ready to be turned into hot machines in our closet, homes and garage. Oh yeah, and we are proud of it! Our dedication to the motorcycle community and pride in our work truly shine forth in every bike we build. Come check us out.

Dauphin County's Enhanced Motorcycle Inspection Station.

Built, Modified or Customized your own bike? PennDOT may tell you you need to take your bike to an "Enhanced Motorcycle Station". Well were here to help. Whether you need powder coating, chrome plating, custom parts, inspections or just want to show your masterpiece to someone who can appreciate a shovelhead, Sinister Custom Cycles is the place for you.